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Compact Hydroponic System for City Dwellers

Designed exclusively for Balcony Farming

If you have:

4 Square feet

Sufficient Sunlight

Passion to farm!

Square feet

You can easily set up your own garden and grow your own food.


City dwellers are unable to grow their own food as they live in urban houses where they don’t have much space to start farming. In most cases, all they have would be a small balcony.

To address this, Vertigrove-hydro was designed as a vertical structure.


The vertical structure helped in saving space, but if you look at it scientifically, crowding plants together will adversely affect them. That is, the plants may not have enough space for root growth and also the amount of nutrients that any of the plants can absorb from the soil would be less.

Vertical Hydroponic System

So, Vertigrove leverages hydroponics. Hydroponics is nothing but growing plants in a nutrient rich water solution. It is possible to crowd plants in hydroponics mainly because plant roots don’t have to go very deep in search of nutrients. Water and nutrients are available for uptake at the roots constantly.

Hence, this makes Vertigrove-hydro not only a space saver but also it ensures faster growth, higher productivity and more nutritous plants.

Vertigrove-hydro| 2.0



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