Customer Stories

We are proud to share the journeys of our beloved customers via “Customer Stories”. We as a company strive to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Check out our latest customer stories to find out why Vertigrove-hydro is the right pick for your urban farming journey!

Vertigrove-hydro has started off a life long love for gardening in me. I believe its a perfect product for beginners who wish to grow their own food. The team at Vertigrove has been really supportive and helped me throughout!

Niveditha Iyer

I truly believe that Vertigrove-hydro is the perfect solution for those like me who live in apartments and still want to grow their own food. I have tried growing vegetables in pots and grow bags and have never been fully successful. The growth of the plants and the yield I got  from Vertigrove was magical.

Bindu Menon

I am a passionate gardener and Vertigrove is a great addition to my home garden. In the last 2 months I harvested amaranth leaves twice and lady’s fingers as well. I have also got an endless supply of mint, so much that I get to share it with my friends and family quite often.

Jabeen Showkath

I ordered Vertigrove online via Amazon and installed it myself, watching their set-up video. Farming in Vertigrove is easy and very satisfying. I got a bountiful harvest in my first cycle. Looking forward to growing various other veggies in Vertigrove.


“I’m really thrilled because I’m not alone in this journey, we get the complete ecosystem to support us. Especially during these confined times, it’s a new experiment along with a community of like minded people. “

Abrachan Pudussery

I grew up interacting closely with nature. But, today’s generation has very little opportunities to connect with nature. This is why I gifted Vertigrove-hydro to my grandchildren. Given their current lifestyle, I found Vertigrove-hydro to be the apt way by which my grandkids can grow their own food as it is designed for city dwellers.

Dr. Alias

The greatest advantage of Vertigrove-hydro, for me, is that it doesn’t require soil. For people living in flats, adding soil, planting, and repotting is a very messy and tedious process. Also, although Vertigrove-hydro runs only on water and nutrients, the water required is very less as it keeps getting circulated throughout the system. I’m very happy and satisfied with the results I’ve gotten!

Mariamma George

I have been working in the department of Diabetes for a couple of decades now. The major thing we advice our patients for diabetes control is diet. The best way to include fresh vegetables into your diet is to grow your own food. And I’ve found Vertigrove-hydro to be the best way for urban people who have less time and space to grow their own veggies!

Dr. Usha

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